Strawberry Vanilla Bean Jam

Happy 4th of July! This is my most favorite holiday because it involves nothing more than barbecues, fireworks, and eating cherries on a blanket with friends.

I dragged my boyfriend strawberry picking with me a few weeks back. It was nearing the end of strawberry picking season, and we just managed to eke out enough berries from the plants to cook up into jam. I went ahead and bought some extra berries from the store, but I kept our just-picked berries separate and made them into a batch of strawberry jam with vanilla beans. The recipe is from Food in Jars and can be found here, as well as in the cookbook I have on my table. Note: there is no mustard in this recipe. I just use the bottle as a weight to hold open my book. Resourceful, eh?

Marissa suggests cooking the jam with the bean, and then removing the bean and blending some of the jam. I’ve never blended my jam before, so I tried it but I obviously can’t follow directions and I forgot to remove the bean. Not only did I f-up my immersion blender, but I spent a long time picking little woody pieces of bean out of my jam. NOTE TO SELF: READ AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.


This jam is a delicious way to use berries that are just on the edge of overripe. The recipe is easy to follow, but this jam bubbles up like no joke when it’s cooking so make sure you put it in a pot high enough to handle the foam.

I got 6 of these jars at a garage sale for $1.25. Aren’t they so stinking cute?

Now go! Barbecue! Eat cherries! Watch fireworks! Sit on blankets with friends! Happy 4th of July!